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FracFit®, Update

To prevent problems, rename any existing program of the same name (for example, rename FracFit.exe to FracFit.Old.exe for example) before copying/saving the new version.The new FracFit® program is available in 2 versions. 

The first is a complete install program which is required if you're still using the old DOS version (the old DOS version had a black screen with text in it and didn't use the mouse for any navigation).  This is a much larger download as there is a large set of support files that need to be installed to your system.

The second is a download of just the new FracFit®, executable program.  If you've previously installed the new FracFit®, you can just download the new executable and place it in your SMARTS folder to get updated.

NOTICE: All the downloadable updates are in compressed files protected by a password.  You'll be given the password when you're informed of any new updates.  If you need a password, and you've signed a Software Maintenance agreement, please contact Gary Cooper or Steve Nelson for the current password.

FracFit® - Full Install NOTE: This is a set of full installation files.  To Install them, un-zip/extract them to a temporary folder, and then run the Setup.Exe that is in that folder to start the installation process.

FracFit® - Executable only. - Just unzip/extract the FracFit.exe from the zip file into the C:\SMARTS folder to update to the latest version.