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Proposal for S.M.A.R.T.S. Stimulation Monitoring and Reservoir Testing Software®

The Smarts package can be used for post analysis evaluation as well as on-site real time monitoring and evaluation of the matrix acidizing and fracturing processes.  The package provides excellent quality control and pressure diagnostics options within the Windows environment.

 The following analyses are available to the user at any time for Matrix Acidizing:

  • Step Rate analysis for determination of the Initial Skin Value and Permeability or Height.
  • Real Time or Post analysis Transient Skin calculation.


The following analyses are available for Fracturing Stimulation:

  • Step Rate analysis for Extension Pressure and estimated closure pressure determinations as well as Skin and Permeability or Height.
  • Square Root of Time plots for pump-in flow back , or  Horner, G-function plots for Closure Pressure determination from pressure declines.
  • Pressure decline analysis for in-situ total leak-off and fluid efficiency determination as well as length, and width calculations for PK, GD, and radial fracture geometry's.
  • Net pressure slope analyses as well as max pressure slope projection.


The Smarts package provides a high tech treatment monitoring center.  Numerous fluid volumes such as clean and slurry rates as well as additive rates and proppant totals versus design are presented on the monitor as well as to the printer for each stage and for the total job, in a concise report format.  Average rates and pressures for each stage are also automatically determined.

This platform has proven to be very effective in improving matrix acid and fracturing stimulation designs.  A data file is created either during replay or real time that provides essential  downhole information that  can be submitted to 3d design packages that have real-time options.  Comparisons of hypothetical to designs generated from actual field data have provided operators with a way to  improved job designs that resulted in  improved production.


Smarts provides the following Post Analysis programs and options:

  • The job file can be replayed with all the features one would have during actual job monitoring.  
  • Net pressure versus time or volume plots.
  • Singular parameter plots of any recorded parameter versus another.  Allows digitizing of pressure points.
  • Simultaneous plot of up to six parameters vs. another allowing six parameters to be viewed on one plot.
  • Step rate analysis plot for extension and closure determination.
  • Square root of time plot for closure determination.
  • Pressure decline analyses for leak-off and fluid efficiency determinations with G-function analysis.
  • A data lister allowing any combination of parameters to be sent to a text file (for import into Excel spreadsheets for example).


The Pricing Structure for the Smarts package is as follows:

One Copy

RS-232  $8,000.00
($10,000.00 International)

HP3852A $14,000.00
Five or more Copies RS-232  $6,800.00
($8,500.00 International)
HP3852A $12,000.00 each
Maintenance 1.5% per month for 3 years or 3% per month for 1 year, of total purchases.

Pricing does not include local, state, country taxes and/or tariffs. All sales are final. Pricing subject to change at any time.